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Descendants of Friederich (Fritz) and Caroline (Haesemeier) Lange

The Lange Family Homecoming was heldJuly 27, 2013, at the Tri-City Country Club at Emma Missouri.  See the Lange Reunion 2013 page for more information; you may also click here for a video of pictures from the day.


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Our Roots

Friederich (Fritz) Lange was born January 18, 1864, in Benton County MO.  He was the third of seven children born to Johann and Adelheid (Krentzel) Lange.  Fritz died January 24, 1947 in Emma MO.
 Caroline Haesemeier
was born December 17, 1864, at Emma MO, the second of 12 children born to August and Sophie (Dierking) Haesemeier.  Caroline died September 21, 1959, in Emma MO.
Both are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Emma MO.

Fritz and Caroline were married May 13, 1891, at Emma MO.  They became the parents of:
Johann Christoph August (Mar 15, 1892 - Mar 23, 1976)
Frida Marg. Sophia Anna (Dec 10, 1893 - Feb 22, 1975)
Lena Louise Marg. Bertha (Mar 24, 1896 - Jun 21, 1980)
August Heinr. Wilh. (Mar 4, 1898 - Jan 21, 1977)
Bernhard Edward Martin Johann (Sep 22, 1900 - Oct 9, 1983)
Dora Adelhaid Marie Bertha (Jan 6, 1903 - Dec 19, 1997)
Lise Anna Dorothea (May 29, 1906 - April 2, 2002)

Those of us who are old enough will remember that Johann became John...Frida spelled her name Frieda...August was, of course, known as Gus...Bernhard may have never divulged his full name as he chose to be known only as Ben...and Lise spelled her name Liese. 

The picture above is the home 1 1/2 miles southeast of Emma where they reared their family.  Below is the home they built in Emma in 1924 on their retirement from farming and where they would spend the rest of their lives.  Both homes are still there and occupied.

The family photo below was taken in 1921 at the home of John and Florence Lange in Dunksburg MO.  Left to right, they are:  Ben, August, John, Fritz, Caroline, Lena, Liese, Frieda, and Dora

The following picture of Fritz and Caroline Lange was taken in 1940 in the yard of their home in Emma.

The picture below was probably among the last, if not THE last, taken of Fritz and Caroline Lange as it was taken in 1946, the year before his death.


Music by Margie Harrell is used with permission.

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