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Lange Homecoming 2005 Highlights

Click here for a list of who was there.

More than 80 descendants of Fritz and Caroline Lange attended the first reunion in more than 10 years!  The staff of the Tri-City Country Club in Emma provided a sumptuous buffet, and the day was filled with lots of laughter, meeting new family members, getting reacquainted with cousins we hadn't seen in many years, sharing pictures, taking pictures, a silent auction to benefit the family treasury for future reunions, and looking for our names on the family tree charts Jane Schroer had prepared and displayed.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

You may click on any picture for a larger size.

13 of the 15 members of the oldest living generation (grandchildren of Fritz and Caroline) attended Members of John's Clan Members of Lena's Clan Members of Gus' Clan
Members of Ben's Clan Members of Dora's Clan Members of Liese's Clan Picture of Lange Farm

There are many more pictures (almost 100) available in a PowerPoint slide show.  Click here to view and download that slide show.  If you don't have PowerPoint software installed on your computer, you may download a free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer from the Microsoft web site.  Simply follow the download instructions on the screen.  The PowerPoint slide show is a fairly large file and may take a few minutes (or more) even on a high-speed connection to download; thus, I'd recommend saving it to your computer for easier and faster viewing later.  Once you've opened the PowerPoint slide show, you may need to right-click anyplace on the screen and select the "full-screen" option.  If you'll then move the mouse over the lower left corner of the screen, you'll see forward and back arrows to navigate through the show.  The slide show is accompanied by music; unfortunately, the music doesn't download reliably with all computers.  You may click on the sound icon on the first page to see if it has downloaded to your computer.

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Click here to view the pictures through my KodakGallery photo album.  You may be required to sign up for a new account if you don't have one -- but it's free!  You may order prints or save any of those pictures to your computer's hard drive by right-clicking on a picture and selecting "file, save as" and save it to the folder of your choice.



"Lange Lore and Legend" was available for purchase at Das Lange Heimkommen!  This 92-page booklet contains some of YOUR history that you may not have ever known, old family stories, pictures, family tree charts, and more.  Only one copy remains right now, but if more people would like to have copies, I'll have more printed.  The cost is $10.00 which includes mailing.  All receipts over printing and mailing costs go to the family treasury for the next family reunion!  If more copies are desired, please let me know ( by September 15th so I can make the copies at one printing around the end of September.



Thanks SO much to the individuals/families who made donations to the Lange Family Treasury!  This money was used to help offset a portion of the meal costs for everyone, pay for rental of the building, and to have sign language interpreters available for the Homecoming.  Our goal is to build the treasury enough this year to be able to help cover expenses and offset a larger portion of the meal cost for succeeding reunions.  If you haven't already done so and would like to make a donation, you may mail your check to Ruby Dean Frerking, P. O. Box 276, Concordia MO 64020-0276 -- she's the Family Treasurer.  Let's keep our Lange history vibrant and alive by staying in touch with each other!



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