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August Henry (Mar 4, 1898 - Jan 21, 1977) and Stella (Hemme) Lange were married April 10, 1921, in Emma MO.  They became the parents of Luella Mae, Lester, Eldred, and Charleen.

Gus and Stella's family about 1971.  From left to right are:  Lester, Charleen, August, Stella, Luella, and Eldred.

You may click on the pictures for larger size.

You may click on the photo for a larger size
These members of Gus' Clan attended the June, 2007, Lange Homecoming:  From left to right, Mindy Walters holding granddaughter Madison; Stephen and Tanille Campbell with their children Raygan, Ryan, and Reese; Beth Walker, Brandon Walters, Charleen McNatt, Kenny Donnell, Jerry McNatt, and Cindy and Jerry Baker


Lester (May 10, 1922 - Apr 27, 1987) married Dorothy Evans on June 17, 1949, and they became the parents of Jerry Alan.  Jerry and Sandy are the parents of Jacob Todd and Kyle Alan.  The photo at left was taken about 1940.  Current photos are not available.

Luella (Nov 30, 1923 - June 6, 2003) married Willis Donnell and they became the parents of Kenneth.  Kenneth and Brenda Johnson were married in May, 2014, in a private ceremony and will renew their vows on August 16, 2014.

Eldred (Jan 5, 1927 - Dec 14, 1985) married Catherine Wiley (Apr 23, 1931 - Jan 15, 2009) on August 17, 1951, and they became the parents of Debra and Donna.  
Charleen (Shorty) (June 11, 1932 - June 9, 2013) and Jerry McNatt (deceased July 18, 2013), became the parents of Mindy Irene, Cynthia Lynn, and Beth Ann.  See more about their family below.

Charleen's Family

Charleen's family in the mid-1990s.

Mindy is married to Ray Walters and they are the parents of Brandon Michael and Tannille Nicole.   Mindy and Ray, now of Highland Ranch CO, are shown at far left; a more current picture of Mindy is  also at the left.  Brandon and Laura Walters are at the right, and they are now the parents of Madison and MaKenzie.  Madison and MaKenzie are at far right (top) and they live in Blue Springs MO.  Tannille is married to Stephen Campbell, and they are the parents of Ryan, Raygan, and Reese.  They live in Parker CO, and are shown at far right.   



Cindy (January 15, 1957 - November 30, 2012) and Jerry Baker are the parents of Stasha, shown in the picture at right with her husband, Chris Coker.  Stasha and Chris are the parents of Nora Lynn, and they live in Kansas City MO.


Beth and Jim Walker live in Lipan TX.  A more current photo of Beth is at right.

Debra's Family

  Deb is married to Tom Summers and they are the parents of Thea and Thomas Emmet, Jr. (Tommy)  They live near Marshall MO.
Thea lives at Osage Beach MO.
Tommy lives at Marshall MO.


Donna's Family

Donna married Dennis Scott Deatherage (Mar 28, 1961 - Oct 8, 1984) on June 23, 1979 and they became the parents of Michael James and Crystal Lynn.  Donna now lives in _______________.    
Michael married Nicole Bliss on July 1, 2005, and they are the parents of Xavier, Axl Scott, and Lexie Pearl.  They live at Junction City KS.


Photo not available Crystal and Michael McKinley are the parents of Tyler Nelson and Gabrielle Lynn; they live in Fountain CO. 

Music by Margie Harrell

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