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John C. A. and Nellie Florence (Stephens) Lange were married March 24, 1916.  They became the parents of Roy Edward and Helen Lucille.

Members of John's family who attended the July, 2005, Lange Homecoming were:  Roger, Linda, Heather, and Haley McCreery; John and Linda Lange; Tracy Lange-Dieckman (now Harms) and her daughters Alexis, Savannah, and Emma surrounding their great-grandfather Roy Lange.  The 2005 Homecoming was the last that Roy was able to attend, but we know he's with us in spirit at each gathering.

In the photo below, all members of the family except Marty attended the 2009 Lange Homecoming!


Roy and Eva Nell (Jones) Lange were married September 27, 1942, and became the parents of Linda Louise and John Stephen.  Click here to see more about Roy's family.
Helen (Aug 8, 1919 - Aug 12, 1997) and Marvin Garrison became the parents of Barbara Jean (Jan 12, 1939 - Aug 21, 2002).  Helen and Herschel Winfrey became the parents of Lloyd Decker (Jul 18, 1952 - Jan 27, 1990) and Larry David.  After Herschel's death, Helen married Charles J. Rogers Jul 16, 1983.  See more about Helen's family below.

Helen's Family

Photo not available. Barbara (Jan 12, 1939 - Aug 21, 2002) married Russell Sims and they became the parents of Karen, Russell Alan, and Ryan.  Russell lives in Sweet Springs MO.
Lloyd Decker Winfrey (Jul 18, 1952 - Jan 27, 1990) married Sharon Treece Oct 1, 1976, and they became the parents of Lloyd Joseph.  Lloyd (also known as Grubby) died in an automobile accident.  Lloyd Joseph (also known as Joey) is the father of Hadley Paige.  Joey is shown at right with his daughter, Hadley.  

Larry and Eileen (Cates) Winfrey were married August 16, 1980,  and they are the parents of
Herschel Paul, Amber Nicole, and Danielle Paige.  They live in Sweet Springs MO.  Paul
and Lindsay (Brant) Winfrey are the parents of Gabriel and Isabel, and they live in Sweet Springs MO.  Amber and Nathan Killion live near Hughesville.    At far left are (standing) Eileen, Lindsay, and Paul Winfrey seated are:  Nathan, Larry (holding Gabriel), Amber, and Danielle.  Paul and Lindsay are also pictured at right with Gabriel and Isabel (below).  Amber and Nathan are shown at right, bottom.       

Karen's Family

Karen Giffen is the mother of Eric, Beau, and Kyle, and she lives in Sweet Springs MO.
Eric and Jenny Giffen are the parents of Zack and Kyla; they live in Sweet Springs MO.   

Beau Giffen is married to Jessica, and they are the parents of Seth Russell, born Sept 9, 2010.  They live in Sedalia MO.  (I want to know where he found that 52-lb fish!!!)               

Kyle Giffen lives in O'Fallon MO.

Russell's Family

  Russell and Stacy (Evans) Sims were married Sep 14, 1996.  Russell is the father of Craig, and Russell and Stacy are the parents of Justin and Conner.

Ryan's Family

       Ryan married Cynthia Ann Clevenger and they are the parents of Garrett, Emma, and Ethan.   Ryan and Cindi are shown at left top; Ethan, Emma, and Garrett are shown at left bottom. 




Music by Margie Harrell

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