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Lena and Edward William Schelp were married November 11, 1919, in Emma MO and became the parents of Elmer, Alfred, Esther, Armond, Vernon, Harold Edward, Marie Alleen, Warner, Melba Ruth, Arleen Gladys, and Edgar.

You may click on the photo for a larger size.
Many members of Lena's Clan attended the July, 2005, Lange Homecoming!


Elmer (Sep 15, 1921 - Aug 17, 2004) married Martha Schwarzkoff June 8, 1946, and they became the parents of David Lee Schelp (Sep 14, 1959 - Jul 24, 1983).  David died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 23.  Martha lives in Irving TX.
Alfred (Apr 22, 1923 - May 15, 2001) and Elisabeth (Betty) Franzaska Johannewers were married Jan 10, 1948, in New York, New York, and they became the parents of Ingrid Helena.  Ingrid and Richard Brown were married Jan 3, 1970, and live in Newland Cape 77, South Africa.   They are the parents of Melissa and Gareth.  Betty has spent some time in Falls Church VA but now lives in South Africa near Ingrid and Richard.  Melissa is married to Ben Blasko and they have a son Douglas Adam.  Gareth and his wife Erika (formerly Kean) have two sons, Sylvan and Tyler.  The photo of Alfred was taken at the Lange reunion in October, 1994.
Esther (Nov 27, 1924 - May 11, 2002) and Fred Ott were married June 15, 1952, and they became the parents of John Frederick, Caroline Leigh, and Crystal Marie.  Esther was also the mother of Peter Varley, Wheeling IL.  The picture at left was taken about 2000.  Click here for more pictures and information about Esther's family.    

Armond lives in Independence MO and is the father of Leanna, Karen Sue, Michael Allen, Kathleen, and Gary Lee.  The photo at left was taken at the June, 2009, Lange Homecoming.  Wasn't he a stunning young man at 14 years old (photo at far left)???  Click here to see pictures of Armond's family.
     Leanna and Chuck Guse were married Dec 15, 2001, and they live in Hot Springs AR.  Leanna is the mother of Lori and Christian and the step-mother of Emily Guse.  Lori and Steven Dabbs are the parents of Cameron and Hailey and they live in Hot Springs AR.  Christian lives in Indianapolis IN. 
     Karen and Danny Hanes live in Independence MO; they are the parents of Terry, Brian, and  Rebecca. 
     Mike and Nancy Schelp live in Kansas City MO; Mike is the father of Amanda and Caroline, and Nancy is the mother of Matt.    

     Kathleen (Kathi) and Robert (Bob) Graham were married November 12, 1988. They live in Greenwood, MO and are the parents of Jakob.  Kathi is the marketing assistant for a large pump & motor company in Lee’s Summit.  Bob works at Chartis Insurance in Olathe.  Kathi is also the mother of Matthew Justin and Casey Danielle Brown. Matt lives in Peculiar, MO and works for a company in Lee’s Summit that makes chair lifts for stairways.  He also repairs guitars and is a zombie movie enthusiast.  Casey is the mother of Myles James Nodwell.  They live in Lee’s Summit, MO.  Casey is a licensed cosmetologist and assistant manager at a salon in Lee’s Summit.  Casey loves fishing.  Jakob is the father of Landon Adry Crain.  Jake lives in Greenwood, MO and loves playing the guitar, singing and deer hunting.

     Gary and Tammy Schelp live in Independence MO, and they are the parents of Chelsea.


Vernon (Aug 20, 1928 - May 3, 1980) and Maxine (Phillips) (Jan 11, 1926 - Apr 2, 2007) were married August 21, 1954.  They became the parents of Barbara Ann, Robert Franklin, and Nancy Jane. 
     Barbara and Royd Chambers were married Apr 12, 1986, and they live in Sheldon IA.  They are the parents of Sarah and Jacob.  Sarah and Michael Gyles were married July 23, 2011, and they are the parents of Sadie.  Jacob is married to the former Jordan VanDyke; they are the parents of Cohen Nazareth; and they live in Kansas City MO.
     Robert and Renae (Chambers) Schelp were married Jun 12, 1982, at Canby Friends Church, Rural Casey, Iowa.  They now live in Gilman IA, and are the parents of Samantha.
     Nancy lives in Waterloo IA.

The picture at left (top) is Vernon in 1974 (big thanks to Harold for providing the picture!)

The picture at left (second from top) is Maxine and Barb Chambers, taken at the Lange Homecoming, July, 2005.

The picture at left (third from top) is, left to right, Jacob, Royd, Barbara, and Sarah Chambers, taken at the Homecoming, June, 2007.

The pictures at left (fourth row) are Barb and Royd Chambers.

Sarah and Michael Gyles and their daughter, Sadie, are in the fifth row. 

Jake and Jordan are on the bottom row, left; they are the parents of Cohen Nazareth.  Bob, Nancy, and Ranae Schelp are on the bottom row, right.

Harold and Zola (Hamilton) were married Aug 14, 2002.  Harold is the father of Johannn Marcuss (also formerly known as John Mark, and last known as Johann Paoletti-Schelp), and Stellena Diane.       
     Johann (June 12, 1960 - January 29, 2013) was married to Michele Paoletti-Schelp; she lives in Salt Lake City.  They are shown at right. 
     Diane and Shawn Nelson are the parents of Isaac. 

Marie (Aug 7, 1932 - Jan 27, 1993) and Edgar Lynn (Nov 16, 1928 - Apr 17, 2006) were married Apr 7, 1949, and they became  the parents of Janet Sue, James Robert, and Shirley Kay. 
     Janet Thomason is the mother of Kenneth Wayne Thomason and John Charles Rutledge, Jr.  Janet is married to Charles Schupert and they live in Grandview MO.  Kenneth and Sarah (Rouse) Thomason live in Olathe KS; they are the parents of Emily Ann and Jacob Wayne.  John "Deuce" Rutledge lives in Lees Summit MO, and he is the father of Andrew Michael.  Click here for pictures of Janet's family.
     James and Phyllis (Millward) Lynn, Concordia MO, were married May 29, 1972, and they are the parents of Byron James and Mindy Kay. 
     Shirley lives in Oak Grove MO and is shown at right.

Warner married Delome Rinne Dec 11, 1976; she died June 17, 2006.  Warner lives in Higginsville MO and they were the parents of Gregory Kent Steffens.


Melba married Eugene Hughes Sep 11, 1954, in Kansas City MO, and they are the parents of Bonnie Kay, Patricia Ann, Mary Jean, and William Eugene.  Eugene died January 11, 2004, and Melba lives in Olathe KS.  More current pictures (June, 2009 and April, 2010) are at bottom left.  Click here to see more about Melba's family.    

Arleen (Oct 9, 1938 - May 17, 2014) and the late James Neeley were married Sep 14, 1957, and she lived in Porterville CA at the time of her death.  They were the parents of Donna who married Roger Dale Keen Jul 30, 1983.  Donna and Roger are the parents of Ashley and Kristin, see photo at right, and they live in Porterville.  A more current picture (Apr 4, 2010) of Arleen with three of the Keens is at left.

Edgar (Ed) lives in Lee's Summit MO and is the father of Victoria Lynn, Natalie Sue, and Stephen Craig. 
     Vicki married Eric Alejos Aug 14, 1993, and they live in Overland Park KS.  They are the parents of Hannah and Austin.  Click here to see Vicki and Austin's photo. 
     Natalie and Richard Jones were married June 16, 1990 and they live in Tampa FL.  They are the parents of Bryce, Regan, and Dylan Spencer.
     Stephen and Brandy (Wyatt) Schelp were married Oct 15, 1994 and live in Blue Springs MO.  They are the parents of Ian and Elayna; their photo is in the lower right corner.  Click here to see their photo.

The photo at left was taken at the Lange Homecoming, June, 2009.



At left (top), is Janet with her husband, Charles Schupert.  They live in Grandview MO.  At left (bottom) is Janet's whole family.  Photo on the bottom was taken at the Lange Homecoming, June 23, 2007. 
  Ken and Sarah Thomas with their children Emily and Jacob, Olathe KS.  The photo at far left was taken June 23, 2007.  The photo at right was taken at Lange Homecoming 2009.
  John (Deuce) Rutledge and his son, Andrew (Drew).  Deuce lives in Lees Summit MO. 


Vicki and Austin Alejos, Overland Park KS.  Eric and Hannah were unable to attend the 2007 homecoming due to Hannah's sporting event.
Ian, Brandy, Elayna, and Steve Schelp, Blue Springs MO.


Music by Margie Harrell and is used with permission.

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