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Merle (1928 - 1995) and Becky Bredehoeft (now Stanchfield) (June 15, 1934 - Nov 18, 2013), were married August 15, 1952, in Leland MI, and became the parents of four children:  Sandy Thomas, Mike and Jeff Bredehoeft, and Debbie Radjenovich.  At right is a more current picture of Becky, Sandy, Mike, Jeff, and Deb.

Sandy is married to Roger Thomas, and they live at Lake Leelanau MI.  She is the mother of Matt Peschel, Shalyn Brady, and Jennifer Grant.  In the photo at right, left to right, are Shalyn, Matt, and Jenny. 



Mike lives in Midwest City OK and is the father of Tara Chabot, Taylor Triplett, and Teah Bredehoeft.  Taylor is married to Stephen Triplett; they are the parents of Zooey, and they live in Killeen TX.  Taylor is also the mother of Maddox Wise and Phoenix Bredehoeft.  Teah is the mother of Talia Jade Barbosa, and they live in Stillwater OK.

Jeff and Cheryl Bredehoeft, Fountain Hills, Arizona.  At right is their whole family -- from left to right, Jennifer Jaeger, fiance (now wife) of Zack Stahlecker, Zack, Jeff and Cheryl Bredehoeft, and Talia Stahlecker 


Tony and Deb Radjenovich, Lake Leelanau MI, with Deb's sons, Ryan and Justin with his new bride, Anne, Paulton.  Ryan lives in Leland MI; Justin and Anne are the parents of Nolan and live in Kalamazoo MI.  At right is a more current picture of Justin and Ryan.





Matt and Sarah Peschel are the parents of Beauden Reb and they live at Lake Leelanau MI.

Pat, Shalyn and Aiden Brady; more current pictures of Aiden, Rowan, Quinn, and Olivia are at right.  They live in Ann Arbor MI

Jenny (Peschel) and Rory Grant live in Lincoln NH.  This photo was taken at their September 11, 2010 wedding.



Tara Chabot lives in Los Angeles CA

Taylor and Stephen Triplett with their children, Maddox, Phoenix, and Zooey. They live in Killeen TX

Teah is the mother of Talia Jade Barbosa and they live in Stillwater OK


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