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Saturday, June 23, 2007, was a huge success!

Approximately 75 descendants of Fritz and Caroline Lange gathered at the Tri-City Country Club in Emma for lots of reminiscing, good food, and fellowship.  Click here for a list of who was there! 

These 11 people represented the 14 members of the oldest living generation.  Left to right, they are Armond Schelp, Ruby Dean Frerking, Melba Hughes (seated), Harold Schelp, Merilyn Mahnken, Bob Lange, Charleen McNatt, Ed Schelp, Jane Schroer, Warner Schelp, and Joyce Kuhl.  L. L. (Dick) Bredehoeft was also in attendance but left before the photo was taken.  Eunice Beerman and Arleen Schelp were unable to attend. 

We remembered with sadness two of our generation, Roy Lange and Marvin Lange, who celebrated a grand entry into heaven since our last reunion.  No doubt they had a great reunion with those gone before us.

The silent auction was termed a success, and several hundred dollars were added to the family treasury to help offset costs of the next homecoming in 2009! 

A highlight of the day was Harold's display of some very old family treasures he had:

You may click on any of the photos for a larger size.

This Bible belonged to Fritz Lange's Mother, Adelheid Krentzel Lange. Please note the date it was published...Hannover, 1846! The inscription is "Jungfrau Adelheid Krentzel, Tarmstedt, 2 Novbr. 1846"


The glasses on the Bible were those worn by Grandma Caroline Lange. Harold posed with the "hearing horn" that Caroline's oldest son, John, had built in the hopes it would help her hear.

The "rest of the story" is that Grandma Caroline had complained in her later years that, as her eyesight failed, she had to use a magnifying glass to read what had been her mother-in-law's Bible.  Harold learned of this dilemma and was able to find a large-print Bible, in German, and gave it to her.  She happily exchanged the old Bible for the new one and gave the old one to Harold in 1959.  At the end of the reunion, Harold graciously passed those treasures on to other descendants.  Ruby Dean Frerking is now the owner of Grandma's glasses; Jane Schroer has the hearing horn; and Great-Grandma Krentzel Lange's Bible now lives in Texas with Joyce Kuhl.  Special thanks go to Harold for his generosity, and we assure him those will remain with descendants of Fritz and Caroline Lange!

Click here for a PowerPoint slide show of many pictures of the day!  Please be patient...the file is fairly large and may take a little time to download.  You may want to save it to your desktop or other convenient location for future viewing.  If PowerPoint isn't installed on your computer, you may download a free PowerPoint viewer here.

The Clans of Ben and Liese (Bob and Marlene Lange, Merilyn and Les Mahnken, Luella Lange, and Eunice and Paul Beerman graciously offered to make all arrangements for Lange Homecoming 2009.  I'll see you there!


Vicki, and Austin Alejos (Lena's Clan)
Jerry and Cindy Baker (Gus' Clan)
Tim and Karen Bauer (Dora's Clan)
L. L. "Dick" and Helen Bredehoeft (Dora's Clan)
Stephen, Tannille, Ryan, Raygan, and Reese Campbell (Gus' Clan)
Royd, Barb, Sarah, and Jacob Chambers (Lena's Clan)
Kenneth Donnell (Gus' Clan)
Ruby Dean Frerking (Dora's Clan)
Caroline Graham (Lena's Clan)
Kathi Graham and Myles Nodwell (Lena's Clan)
Danny, Karen, and Rebecca Hanes (Lena's Clan)
Tracy Harms, Alexus, Savannah, and Emma Dieckman, and Myles Harms (John's Clan)
Mary Hughes (Lena's Clan)
Melba Hughes
(Lena's Clan)
Stacy, Dean, Tristan, and Madison Johnson (Lena's Clan)
Crystal and Allison Krenzer (Lena's Clan)
Joyce Kuhl (Dora's Clan)
John and Linda Lange (John's Clan)
Luella Lange (Ben's Clan)
Rachel Lange (Ben's Clan)
Bob and Marlene Lange (Ben's Clan)
Les and Merilyn Mahnken (Ben's Clan)
Roger and Linda McCreery (John's Clan)
Jerry and Charleen McNatt (Gus' Clan)
Fred Ott (Lena's Clan)
John "Deuce", Lisa, and Andrew "Drew" Rutledge (Lena's Clan)
Armond Schelp (Lena's Clan)
Edgar Schelp (Lena's Clan)
Harold and Zola Schelp
(Lena's Clan)
Stephen, Brandy, Ian, and Elayna Schelp (Lena's Clan)
Warner Schelp (Lena's Clan)
Jane Schroer (Dora's Clan)
Janet Thomason and Charles Shupert (Lena's Clan)
Kenneth, Sarah, Emily, and Jacob Thomason (Lena's Clan)
Beth Walker (Gus' Clan)
Brandon, and Madison Walters (Gus' Clan)
Mindy Walters  (Gus' Clan)

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